Image of the The LSD Blotter Art Print Flaming Carrot
Flaming Carrot haunts the eerie shadows of the night (much the same as Batman). But while Batman is a quick thinker with a sharp, deductive mind, Flaming Carrot is almost childlike in a state of Zen witlessness. In a tough spot he is more likely to blast his way out in a hail of gunfire than use some campy scheme. In his state of Zen Stupidity, he can convince you that the earth is flat or that a hundred pounds of lead is heavier than a hundred pounds of feathers. As Batman's frightening, sinister costume and dark legend strikes fear into the underworld, Flaming Carrot's insane, outre appearance can be even more unnerving, disturbing, and outlandish to criminals caught in the act. As preposterous as it may seem to us, his bizarre, outfit is rather frightening, even horrifying to any criminal he sneaks up on. Flaming Carrot has a utility belt but in it are things like a pen knife, silly putty, invisible ink, a bubble pipe, super glue, and band-aids with little stars and rockets on them. Instead of speeding across the horizon in a Batplane, he hops around town on a nuclear-powered pogo stick. He lives in the Palookaville district of Iron City, a generic north east industrial town in the rust belt. He is helped and aided by his good friend and mentor, Dr. Heller; a somewhat mad scientist and great inventor. It is Dr. Heller who provides him with the pogo stick, canned tornadoes, and a number of other hi-tech devices. With no superpowers, he has his utility belt and his mind-state of "Zen Stupidity" to fight hoodlums, monsters and costumed villains. With his mind in that state, he is able to transcend ordinary human considerations and commit great acts of bravery or gain tremendous insight from simple things.

  • Printed with archival inks.
  • Printed on heavy archival paper
  • Certificate of authenticity included