Image of Paul Booth
This Lord of Darkness, with needle in hand, has inscribed his evil visions unto some of the most notable figures in Rock 'n Roll. In a featured article, he was dubbed "The New King of Rock Tattoos" by Rolling Stone Magazine. He's traveled the world tattooing, leaving his evil mark on the population. Paul Booth has also aided in creating the Art Fusion Experiment . The AFE is a learning tool, exclusively catered to the tattoo artist. ArtFusion Camp affords the masters of skin art an opportunity to share their fine art skills with their peers on an intimate level. Most importantly, they must do so in an extreme creative environment. Any one artist could spend an hour detailing an element of a canvas and in the blink of an eye, another artist may step in and change it entirely. Though this presents the most frustrating element of the exercise, it is an integral part of the ego-cleansing process that is so inherent of ArtFusion Camp. As a result, a newfound unity develops between the artists.Through the chaos that is the ArtFusion Experiment, many harmonies reveal themselves.

Prints by Paul Booth