Image of Mark Henson
Mark paints in the classical tradition, millions of brush strokes per painting. He stretches and prepares his own canvas. He mats and frames all of his reproductions. He loves to paint large, priding himself in just squeeking the paintings through the doors.If we had larger doors and a big enough truck, he would paint larger. He is happiest when he has a brush in his hands. Mark has a great dream life. He often goes into great buildings with immense galleries, incredible paintings and artwork on display. As he studies each piece, he realises that his signiture is in the corner of each one, and that he is dreaming. There are too many to reproduce in any one lifetime, so he has to pick and choose his body of work wisely. Mark's lifetime goal is to have a growing bank of positive and divine sexual imagary, people in harmonious communication with each other and their surroundings. We are surrounded by negative input by mass media, the war between the sexes plays an immense role in forming the patterns of our social interactions. How do we show love when the most truthful loving acts are considered evil, or pornographic? Our pundits try to deny the right to show such beauty in relationships. Yet war, competition, attempts at control over each other, fill our eyes. This is the veil that Mark removes in his direct interpretation of the Act of Love.

As for the Political Gallery, Mark sees the need for Stop Signs, "If you see this, Stop! Don't go there." He does paint the dark side of humanity in his political satires. They are timely icons of universal fear and global concern. If you find yourself in the middle of these images, stretch out your hand, ask or give help. Your Mother Earth will give you strength. She wants you to Live. Your Spirit wants you to Love. Mark lives in Northern California, was formaly educated with a degree in Fine Art from U.C. Davis. He knew he wanted to be an artist when he was a child and has always been able to touch the core of creativity, ideas that have never been expressed uniquely. Fortunately his family and teachers noticed that this is who Mark is, "The Artist". He has traveled the world, spending time in the Far East and Central America. He loves Bali because "the people integrate art and the spirit into daily life and they love their children."

Prints by Mark Henson