Image of Escalmel
The paintings of Francois Escalmel are attempts at opening up the doors of perceptions. Through them, he invites us to take a second look at what we thought we knew. Never too far from reason, the worlds that he presents are nevertheless always skewed in a strange perspective that offers a fresh point of view. The artist s vision is filled with the wonderment of the whole human experience, exploring both it s luminous and dark sides. With a gift for humor or a sense of the tragic, he wants to transcend boundaries. Power is given to imagination and, amidst all these images, values and beliefs shine through: the awesome importance of love, the shared consciousness that should exist in all mankind and a deep respect for all creations. I’m a storyteller working with the absence of words. A grassroots revisionist of my personal history. With an attitude that oscillates between fascination and criticism, I strive to create dark and comical fables, that I hope, are relevant. Improbable combinations that emotionally ring true, affirmative expressions of the human experience.

Prints by Escalmel