Image of Danny Gomez
Someway I found that I had to metamorph into something material that could hold intelligence. A human body was my choice this time, so mother gave birth to me february the 11 1980, in Chile. Exploring the capacibilities of a child’s brain, I led my interests to such things as other living creatures (lizzards, insectoids, chickens), visual reconstructions and mecanical constructions. Destiny dragged me to Sweden 1980 when I was at the human age of eight, where I live along with my sisters and mother. When I entered the teenage, I started to feel trapped in the bounderies of reality, I simply knew that there was more out there to explore. So I explored an experimented with different states of consciousness. My mind collected every discovered item from every exploration, and as it expanded, so was the need to recreate these items. I took the decision to go to art school and there I started the recreation. I tried out different techniques, from sculptures to paintings. I realized that the items in the mind were not really ‘items’ they were more like fluid metamorphing creatures in an unstructurized order. Not only were they creatures, they were environments at the same time, and at one intense point I came to discover what it was all about. It was about seeing myself as I was before and after I came to life, it was all about the whole of the universe, in symbiosis with life, a complete manifestation of experiense. With the artworks created after art school, I made my first exibision, “Symbiosis through time and space”, the year was 2000. That same year, me and my girlfriend Ingela Nilsson gave life to a magnificient creature named Samuel Gomez. Lella (that’s what I call my girlfriend) has been a very important source of influence in many ways. She has not only encharmed me with her unlimited charm and personal greatness, she has also showed me a way to live and love life without self-destructive experiments. Without her I would have no use of human life, and would probably had wasted it, as I have seen others do now after a years of non-stopping mind exploring. The gift of my son Samuel has given me even more pleasure of living, and pushed me to become someone important, someone to look up to. At this point of life Im studying Interaction Technology at the univercity, with an ambition that drives me into allmost more projects that I can handle. Creativity is always with my, and every now and then I drown into abstract algoritms generated by too much coffee at late nights.

Prints by Danny Gomez