Image of Dan Henderson
Dan has been drawing “for a long time”. He used to ponder and labor over intricate and elaborate polychromatic images. For the last few years however he has focused on a more distilled vision. He works in black and white charcoal. The images take the form of, for lack of a better term, portraits. Most of the images are purely from his imagination, but occasionally he manages to corner an actual person to be victimized as his subject. He is inspired by the history of film and the occasional odd trip (most recently to central Turkey). His work is sometimes seen on CD covers, book jackets, etc., but most of his output remains unpublished. He has had numerous gallery and museum showings over the years. He is also involved in a mysterious project called The Secret Circus with Bob Burden. Dan has received the N. Boyd Award from The Atlanta College of Art, the Joseph Perrin Award from Georgia State University, and the Excellence in Art Grant from the Liquitex Corporation.

Prints by Dan Henderson