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Carey Thompson grew up on the east coast in Virginia and North Carolina. He then traveled throughout the western United States ending up in New Mexico where he spent a year creating a core resonance with the American southwest. Afterwards, Carey embarked on a four-year adventure throughout Central America harnessing the winds of serendipity. Exploring countless natural power spots and Mesoamerican sacred sites, he developed a keen interest in ancient cultures and their expression through the arts and cosmology. Desiring a more rooted foundation, Carey landed in the beautiful lands of Costa Rica where he spent a few years tapping deep into the currents of Gaian creation. Copious amounts of surfing and jungle trekking activated his being to near saturation point, and he continued to channel this energy into creativity. He currently resides in San Francisco, California where he now focuses on his artistic pursuits. Carey describes his work as holomorphic transmission vision crystals. The imagery channels through

Prints by Carey Thompson