Image of Aidan Brute Hughes
BRUTE! Propaganda is the art and design shop of Aidan Hughes, acclaimed illustrator, animator, video artist, game designer and international man-about-town. To say that Aidan has done a lot would be to say far too little. Born in Merseyside, England, and trained by his father, a landscape artist, he began a long partnership with local poet Malcolm Bennett in the early 1980s. The two embarked on a series of art/noise performances that teamed them on stage with the likes of Alan Vega, Joy Division, The Durutti Column and Cabaret Voltaire. Aidan and Malcom's é publications went from live performance to print, unleashing on an unsuspecting British public in 1984 the neo-pulp parody BRUTE!. This tiny magazine spawned a wildly successful compilation paperback before the mounting notice, notoriety and paying work that resulted from its success brought it to an untimely end in 1988. Original copies of some issues of BRUTE! now cost enough that their creators can't afford to buy them. The two also collaborated on several video projects during this time, and in 1988, their partnership at its end, they teamed up one last time to produce "ROCKY!," an MTV station ID animation. During the magazine's short life, Aidan began to do commercial illustration for clients ranging from Pepsi to the Royal Bank of Scotland to KMFDM. These contacts, and Aidan's increasing interest in video work, led to his involvement in the creation of animated spots and television programs for MTV and the BBC. It was his 1993 music video for KMFDM, "A Drug Against War," that brought Aidan to the attention of ZOMBIE Virtual Reality Entertainment, a Seattle game company. For Zombie, Aidan created and art directed ZPC, an ultraviolent science fiction 3D shooter that was released in November, 1996. Brute! Propaganda is available for a wide range of illustration and design work, traditional and multimedia, and Aidan is currently selling a number of original pieces of illustration, including many of those available for viewing at this site.

Prints by Aidan Brute Hughes